Your Perspectives & Experiences Inform Our Approach to Integration


Innovative integration is a great task, and we are not approaching it blindly. Below are surveys in which you can partake to assist our research team.

You can take these surveys no matter where you are located in the world. The goal of Goodhood is to create a model for integration that is replicable on a global scale, so the more diverse the survey responses, the more informative they become.

cultural immersion

This survey will be used to analyze the dynamics of intercultural exchange and relations. Results will aid the research team in understanding how the cultural community can appeal to the host society.

Who: anyone, anywhere
time: less than 5 minutes

established businesses

This survey will be used to understand established business owners’ sentiments toward becoming part of a cultural community. Results will inform the acceptance and location of the cultural community, in either developed or undeveloped, established or unestablished urban territory.

Who: Business OWners, anywhere
time: 5 minutes

sense of belonging

This survey is used to understand peoples’ experiences of belonging. Results inform how we could facilitate a sense of belongingness among communities who may typically feel excluded from the larger society. A sense of belongingness is critical to integration.

WHO: ANYONE, anywhere


eritreans in NL

This survey is used to understand the Eritrean integration experience in the Netherlands.

WHO: Eritreans, The Netherlands
TIME: Less than 10 MINUTES