Share your story; make this vision reality


Are you a refugee or immigrant living in the Netherlands? If so, we want to hear your story.

You come from a different place with unique food, music, customs, and traditions. We believe our cities would be richer, safer, more exciting, and truly multicultural if you had the opportunity to share the best of your culture with the host society.

We want to give you space in your new city that is yours, where you can proudly express and celebrate your identity. Where members of the host community could be immersed in and learn about the rich and unique culture you brought with you to the Netherlands. We want to celebrate what makes you unique, what makes you you.

We all feel most comfortable surrounded by people who speak our language, share our culture, and who could relate to our experiences, and that concept is evolutionary. Rather than disputing this notion that’s been thousands of years in the making, we at Goodhood Collective recognize its role in community and integration.

If you could spare a few minutes, send us a video to demonstrate why a space for your community would make your life in the Netherlands better, and we would be forever grateful.

In your video, consider the questions below. Keep in mind that you have complete freedom to answer all of them or none of them. It is up to you; this is your story.

Questions to COnsider

  • What has been your experience integrating with the Dutch as a refugee?

  • Do you feel safe and at home in the Netherlands?

  • What do you miss most about your homeland?

  • What would you like the Dutch to know about your culture?

  • Do you feel you are able to celebrate your cultural heritage in the Netherlands?

  • How would a space designed for your community, with culturally-specific businesses and activities, make your life better in the Netherlands?

Submission Instructions


1. record video

Using a smartphone or camera, record your video in landscape/horizontal mode. Record yourself talking, partaking in cultural celebrations, family life, moments in the Netherlands, or anything you wish.


2. e-mail video

Include your name, your hometown and country, and the language you are speaking in the video. Please include any additional information that you want us to know. Send to