E-mail: sam@goodhood.org WhatsApp: +1(720)569-3810

E-mail: sam@goodhood.org
WhatsApp: +1(720)569-3810


Samantha Rae Yannucci

Sam is an urban and community planner who is fascinated with the concepts of integration and social cohesion. After her graduation from the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program at The University of Colorado Denver in May of 2017, Sam spent a year in Stockholm where she explored the many aspects of the integration of refugees and, importantly, on a personal level.

When approaching an issue, Sam has an innate ability to recognize interconnectedness and employ systems thinking to formalize strategic, comprehensive solutions to address contemporary urban challenges. She believes that many challenges we face today have arisen from the technological revolution–namely the fact that technology puts our species in direct resistance to our natural way of life.

Sam aspires to use her skills and passion to shape authentic cities in which all residents feel a sense of ownership and belonging, in which diverse populations are seen and honored as cultural assets. She created The Goodhood Collective to conduct research and implement projects that reveal the structure of a good neighborhood; she feels strongly that many important planning initiatives are implemented on a scale much too large and fail to consider and strengthen the important micro units that make a city.

How can we expect great cities from subpar neighborhoods?

When she’s not analyzing the environment around her, Sam enjoys playing outside (whether she is hiking in the mountains, climbing, or the only adult on the playground) and a smooth cup of black coffee.

Sam is available for freelance work and private consultations.