Rosanna Nazir

With over [X] years in the [X] industry, Rosanna has continuously tied the skills and experience acquired through her work in the technology and social work sectors into her identity as a changemaker, human activist, and steward in societal diversity and inclusion. She has a special interest in using technology to make a social impact and her role in this endeavor is inspiring women to rise as leaders in sectors in which they have previously not.

In her professional life, Rosanna designs and delivers programs to develop skills for IBM employees in Enterprise Services. She is a frequent guest speaker at universities where she speaks to the topics of social entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, and innovation in the field of social work. She is also the founder of the non-profit Vrouwen Aan het Werk (VAHW) in the Netherlands, where she coaches, trains, and guides underrepresented job seekers through the Dutch society and job market and employs programs that empower Women in the IT labor market.

Rosanna envisions a Europe where the conversation of including immigrants and refugees in the job market is common practice among all levels of industry, knowledge institutes, and government. In these early stages of the Goodhood Collective, Rosanna has already proved invaluable to the team, leveraging her knowledge, skills, experience, and network to bring this vision closer to reality.