exemplifying the good; RECLAIMING THE “HOOD”


The Goodhood Collective rejects the idea that integration means equal parts black, white, red, yellow, and purple. Integration is ensuring people of all cultures and ethnicities feel comfortable and a sense of belongingness in our cities–and this cannot be forced.

We don’t see culturally- or racially-homogeneous neighborhoods as problematic, and we reject the idea that a neighborhood must be infused with white or upperclass to be a “good neighborhood.” That’s why we want to address the root of the problem: that most of our ethnically homogeneous neighborhoods are too under-served and too under-equipped to thrive in our cities today. In fact, there are many elements of community exhibited in “hoods” that are lacking in upper- and middle-class white neighborhoods.

A neighborhood is only as strong as its people, and a city is only as strong as its neighborhoods. We must empower every individual and community to flourish by not only accepting, but celebrating our differences. For the sake of our cities.